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V V I P,   H E A D   O F   S T A T E   &   C O M M E R C I A L

"At 47,000 feet, chances are nobody's looking. But when your aircraft rolls up to the FBO, you can bet they're all looking. We do exterior paint schemes and it's all we do. We're in the business of taking our clients from NOT to HOT. Let us show you how we roll and in the process, we'll show you how to truly 'own' the ramp when you show up"

"Airborne signatures that reflect your legacy"

T O P   T I E R,   M I D   L E V E L  &   M I C R O J E T   B U S I N E S S    A I R C R A F T

"Aesthetics that elevate one's mood are always worthy artistic goals. Our sole objective is to blend high-level art-form with the aspirations of our customers; those that help define both their persona and achievements and in some cases, even the legacies they want to leave. Can all that really be embodied within the livery signature of an aircraft? Absolutely it can. We're out to bury the boredom and bring about a new level of fashion to your outerwear".

 ~  Joseph R. Burns - founder

T U R B O P R O P,   P R O P E L L E R  &  P E R S O N A L   P E R F O R M A N C E   A I R C R A F T  

V V I P ,   B U S I N E S S   &   P E R S O N A L   R O T O R C R A F T  

Your aircraft's signature is more than just a 'shape', it's the personality you project within the shape;

a statement about who you are . . . and how you roll. 

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T H R E E   S E R V I C E   L E V E L S


Our most popular offering is a full livery design with all the design process it requires to get you the signature you're looking for. FULL LIVERY gets you and the paint center all the schematics they will need to map, stripe and paint your aircraft exactly as depicted in the approved rendering. The example to the left indicates a typical "final rendering" deliverable at this level.

Quick Time 360 animations offer a higher level of visualization - allowing you to study your approved paint scheme from all angles - exactly as it will appear on the ramp or in the air. And don't worry, this extended level of service also includes all deliverables described in FULL LIVERY above.

QT 360s are also helpful to your paint center, OEM or completion center in getting a quicker understanding of overall outcome expectations.



Standard Service Level

Fully rendered option w/ background

Our premium level of service includes all described in the levels above but also includes a full 3-D animation of your aircraft - either in-flight, taxiing on the ramp or being towed out of the hangar and into the sunlight - all up to you. This level of service is very popular with owners of larger aircraft where maximum "real life" visualization is of elevated importance.

Full animations also provide a real life preview of how your aircraft will look in it's actual surroundings, reflected light, shadows, the nuance of specific paint finish etc. 


B-737-500 VIP






In the next 45 days we will have an important new project announcement to unveil. Please check back.

Our two team leaders, Joseph Burns and Thomas Alleman recently completed the livery of a VIP level 747-8 proposal for a Head of State project and it's the cat's meow! Sorry we can't share a peek at this one just yet, but WELL DONE guys! You rock!



We just got our animation MoJo on by integrating two new pieces of high-powered software. What does that mean to you? Well it means an even bigger "wow" factor than before and shorter duration time for video output of our full animations.

Airborne Signatures

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