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ABOUT Joseph 3rd Degree 

EXTERIOR LIVERY (Aircraft Exterior Paint Schemes) is where we live. Our entire focus is on creating the perfect airborne signature for each client we serve.

Joseph 3rd Degree Creative is the culmination of a 30+ year career in illustration, art direction, design and aviation. Joseph R. Burns (the company's namesake) has enjoyed an illustrious career that has blended well-honed skills as an artsit with the aesthetic and techinical experience of aircraft interior and exterior design. 

This unique assemblage of aesthetic talents has carried Mr. Burns in several remarkable directions over his professional life - all leading in the direction that in his words "gives me the most reward and fulfillment" 

"There is something about the exterior of an aircraft that is both boring and magical at the same time" he says. "it's a unique paradox. On the one hand, we're dealing with a tube with wings attached to it; all pretty much the same....but the exciting part comes when you start applying paint. For us here at J3D, it's the ultimate blank canvas"

Our clients come to us for one order to have us create something meaningful and unique for them, an airborne signature that sets them apart and reflects their character!

Our studio is located in America's heartland, Kansas City and only a few miles up the road from the world's most well known aviation mecca, Wichita, KS. But regardless where you are, let us know what sort of statement you're wishing to make, and we'll bring it to life for you. 

We routinely work with completion centers, paint facilities and of course the end users (our clients) directly  -  where we carefully listen and gather the requirements that will help us create the prefect signature for you.

"It's the ultimate blank canvas"

Joseph R. Burns
A I R C R A F T      E X T E R I O R     L I V E R Y

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