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The imagination of Joseph 3rd Degree Creative

From the mind of Joseph 3rd degree Creative...

a glimpse into the future of private aviation

Stratospheric flight in the year 2040. A personal aircraft capable of flying you and your guests from NY to Paris in 1 hr, 50 minutes. Have dinner, see a play and be back in time to sleep in your own bed.

Going private at Mach 1.8, the future of personalized supersonis aircraft as seen through the eyes of Joseph R. Burns

At Joseph 3rd Degree Creative...everything starts with a sketch.
From your directives to our sketchpads, to final renderings and ultimately your one of a kind livery as it rolls from the paint hangar into to sunlight.
A I R C R A F T      E X T E R I O R     L I V E R Y

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